Hello Network, help DyeCoo to win The Circulars 2019 / World Economic Forum / Circular Economy People’s Choice Award! Cast your vote here before January 15th 2019. Thanks for sharing.

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Finalist for The Circulars 2019

“We are pleased to announce our selection as a People’s Choice Award Finalist for The Circulars 2019, the world’s premier circular economy award program”

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VDL ETG Projects assembles a sustainable dyeing machine

Dyeing clothing and shoes with an industrial waste product. DyeCoo Textile Systems has developed a sustainable dyeing machine, the DyeOx. The dyeing machine uses recovered CO2. 95% of this CO2 is reused in the machine. More than 98% of the dye is absorbed by the textile, so hardly any residual

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Trends in Apparel

Europe offers opportunities for exporters of garments and apparel. On the website of CBI you’ll find information to help you get your garments or apparel products on the European market.

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Kleding verven met CO2

CO2 als grondstof in plaats van afvalproduct Nike en Adidas doen het al: stoffen voor kleding verven met CO2 in plaats van water en chemicaliën. Dat scheelt een hoop energie. Brengt deze Nederlandse uitvinding duurzame kleding dichterbij? Wie aan klimaatverandering denkt, denkt aan de walmende schoorsteenpijpen van kolencentrales of benzineslurpende

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Archroma’s Ultraphor® KCB optical brightening agent finding use in water free co₂ dyeing process

Reinach, Switzerland, 31 January 2018 – Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, today announced that Tong Siang Co. Ltd. has chosen to use Archroma’s Ultraphor® KCB optical brightening agent to color its white, high-performance sportswear. Thailand- based Tong Siang, a member of the Yeh Group, is making

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DyeCoo HAPPY 2018 - featured image

Happy 2018

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Water-free Dyeing Puts Taoyuan on the World Map

Common Wealth Magazine in Taiwan released a piece about NIKE, FENC, DyeCoo and CO2 dyeing – it also brings the news of the new machine for FENC and puts FENC and NIKE as front runners in the industry by implementing breakthrough CO2 dyeing technology. >> Read the full article

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DyeCoo受大自然的启发 -,绿色已经成为我们关心地球的象征。 迅速实现并可持续发展的体认,将势必必行。 爱因斯坦曾经说过: 我们不能仰赖当初制造问题的同样思维去解决问题。 第一批的市场领军者已经逐渐转向使用DyeCoo的洁凈技术。 通过对工艺技术的不断完善与调整,在我们的合作伙伴与启始客户的支持下, DyeCoo自豪地推出新一代纺织品染色机DyeOx 4。

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