DyeCoo presents the CO2 based textile dyeing solution at ITMA Barcelona 2019

Industrial proven, 100% water free and 100% process chemical free.

For centuries textile dyeing has been synonymous with water usage and water pollution. Currently the textile industry has the dubious honor of being the world’s second largest polluter of drinking water. No matter how sophisticated water- based dyeing technologies have become, the fact remains, a lot of water is still being polluted.

The industrial proven CO2 technology, developed and patented by DyeCoo is showing that it can be done differently. DyeCoo’s waterless dyeing technology does not compromise between sustainability and profitability.

At ITMA 2019 (20 -26 June) we will show you how we are revolutionizing textile processing with our water and chemical free dyeing solution. We are honored to welcome you as our guest!

For pre-booking of an appointment please let us know through itma2019@dyecoo.com.

You can visit DyeCoo in Hall 1|B101-108 (joined with Bianco and Unitech), Hall 3|D121 (joined with Colourtex).

Come and experience the industrial proven CO2 technology in 3D and see the vibrant colors it creates.

The DyeCoo Team