DyeCoo‘s mission is to passionately lead the textile industry to a lean and clean future. DyeCoo’s CO₂ technology is the world’s first 100% water-free and process chemical-free textile processing solution. Providing geographical freedom from water sources and offering textile manufacturers a head start on legislation that restricts the use of hazardous process chemicals. Its low operating costs allow you to elevate your short-term results and long-term ambitions. Lean and clean.


DyeCoo, based in Weesp, the Netherlands has more than 15 years of experience in CO₂ technology. With extensive knowledge in design and engineering of CO₂ equipment, DyeCoo provides clean textile processing solutions on an industrial scale.


A team of specialized engineers and textile experts are dedicated to develop our industrial textile processing solutions. From chemical and mechanical engineers to CO₂ specialists, physicists and material experts. This interdisciplinary approach has been the secret behind DyeCoo’s success in scaling the unscalable without compromising on economics. DyeCoo has its origins in science and R&D is in our blood, always creating new and improved solutions when developing our products. From fibre to fashion, we oversee the entire chain. Not just focusing on hardware but also taking fabrics, dyes and the finished product into account, always pushing for the best solutions adapted to the industry.

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Our technology does not compromise between sustainability and profitability


Flevolaan 50
1382 JZ Weesp
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)294 41 00 25


Thank you so much to @PremiereVision and @CLASSecohub for having us as part of the #SmartTalk “Is the Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion in the Hands of Radical Game Changers?” this week with @DyeCoo & @spiberfiber. We had a blast!

At @PremiereVision, @CLASSecohub, @spiberfiber, @ModernMeadow and @DyeCoo hosted a seminar during which Modern Meadow announced the launch of Zoa, a groundbreaking fabric made with collagen protein which will be available later in 2020 after 8 years of R&D https://t.co/MXT78Ofkf9

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