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With its 130 tons of steel and pumps the DyeOx is an impressive piece of equipment. It consists of three dye vessels, each with a loading capacity of 20 to 200 kg, adding up to a maximum daily capacity of 4000 kg.


  • Zero Water
  • Uses reclaimed Carbon Dioxide as dye carrier
  • Beam dyeing process suitable for woven, jersey, and yarn
  • Closed loop system – 95% of CO2 recycled after each batch
  • Uses pure dyes – No additives, process chemical free
  • No waste water, No Waste Water Treatment necessary


  • Three dyeing vessels
  • Parallel dyeing, 3 separate colours
  • Quick batch to batch colour changes
  • Loading capacity 20 kg to 200 kg per vessel
  • Average daily capacity 4.000 kg


  • Batch to batch repeatability
  • 98% dye uptake
  • Easy fabric loading
  • No reduction cleaning necessary
  • Fully automated hydraulic-door handling
  • Fully automated CO2 flush-cycle
  • Highly advanced CO2 Separator for CO2 recycling
  • Highly advanced high pressure values
  • Reinforced proprietary CO2-sphere
  • Custom cleaning device - MCM: Mechanical Cleaning Machine
  • Dye Cartridge Preparation system – DCPS


  • Can withstand more than twice the operating pressure
  • Certified by Veritas and Lloyd’s
  • Safety valves installed
  • Highly advanced CO2 detection systems
  • Built in safety stops
  • Custom software prevents operating errors
  • Built according to ASME standard

Our technology does not compromise between sustainability and profitability


Flevolaan 50
1382 JZ Weesp
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)294 41 00 25


Come and listen to Kasper talk about DyeCoo on the 7th of October @WCTC21 special edition: Conference on Sustainable Finishing of Textiles. Register now!
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