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DyeCoo has set up long-term and far-reaching collaborations with major industry players Nike and Ikea and all large dyestuff suppliers. Our current customers have invested in DyeCoo technology and play a substantial part in making the DyeCoo revolution a reality. The international demand for CO2-dyed fabric has currently outgrown the available supply. We are convinced that this trend will continue as more and more brands will increase their demand.

Many brands like Nike, Adidas and Peak Performance already have product lines featuring DyeCoo technology and are still expanding their range. These pioneering brands have recognized the need for a textile revolution and have found a solution in DyeCoo. Their products colored with DyeCoo dyeing technology are proof that no compromise between quality, revenue, functionality or environmental footprint has to be made.


Our technology does not compromise between sustainability and profitability


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We know how to reduce water and process chemicals to ZERO ánd reduce your energy consumption too! Thanks for the mention @WTPwsa!
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It normally takes 75l of water to dye 1kg of fabric — but it doesn't have to, says Micke Magnusson of @DyeCoo, part of this year's @TechLeapNL Rise batch 👇

The hill to dye on — How DyeCoo brings sustainability to hidden parts of the fashion industry


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